Remotely Operated Vehicles

Vision Subsea boat and ROV

Observation class ROV spreads for projects large and small. Scanning head sonar, multi beam sonar, USBL positioning, single function grabber, cleaning attachments, CP Probe, UT Gauge, and HD video equipment options.

Port and Harbor

Vision Subsea using an ROV at a port

• Infrastructure surveys
• CP Readings
• Ultrasonic Thickness Measurements
• Documenting and trending conditions
• Maintenance planning
• Infrastructure and vessel casualty investigation

Scientific Research

• Visual surveys
• Organism and habitat study
• Environmental impact surveys
• Sampling and data capture

Vision Subsea performing environmental research with an ROV

Dam and Industrial Plant

Vision Subsea inspecting a dam with an ROV

• Visual inspection
• Data collection
• Intake/Outfall inspection

Tank Inspections

• Visual inspection
• Leak detection
• Ultrasonic thickness measurements
• CP Readings
• Above waterline video capture

Vision Subsea inspecting a tank with an ROV

Oil and Gas/Telecommunications

Vision Subsea command center

• Pipeline inspection
• Route surveys
• Confined space inspection
• Pre and post-installation inspections
• Preventative maintenance
• Tracking and trending data

Dive Support

• Complimentary services
• Diver monitoring
• Pre-dive surveys/site clearance
• Post job documentation
• Initial investigation for pre job planning

Vision Subsea boat

Vessel Hulls

Vision Subsea ROV used for hull inspection

• Marine surveys
• Insurance survey
• Marine casualty investigation
• Running gear and anode inspection

Mooring Installations

• Locate lost moorings and anchors
• Mark installations with GPS fix
• Attach marker buoy or recovery messenger line
• Annual inspections

Vision Subsea inspecting a mooring with an ROV

Aquaculture and Fish Processors

Vision Subsea inspecting an aquaculture farm with an ROV

• Net, buoy and mooring inspection
• Fish mortality recovery
• Compliance data and survey
• Outfall and intake inspections