Sonar Imaging

Vision Subsea Sonar Imaging Equipement

Our sonar operators have extensive experience completing challenging subsea projects in Alaska using a range of sonars. We deploy scanning head and multibeam sonars with custom imaging plans to meet our clients’ needs based on the conditions in the field. The sonars can be deployed on ROVs, on custom fixed pole mounts, or in project specific custom configurations.

Multibeam Imaging

Vision Subsea multibeam imaging command center

Using Sound Metrics’ industry leading high-resolution line of multibeam sonars VISION SUBSEA provides clients with the ability to “see” images and make decisions on subsea assets in low visibility and zero visibility conditions. The sonars can be deployed with an ROV, on a fixed mount, or in conjunction with the ARIS Rotator AR3. Used extensively infisheries management in Alaska, there is no better tool for capturing high definition images in blackwater.

Search and Recovery

• Identify targets at distance
• Scanning head sonar to track to target
• Multibeam sonar to image target
• USBL acoustic positioning system to tag target
• Single function gripper for attaching marker buoy or recovery line

Vision Subsea using an ROV to recover items under ice

Oil and Gas

Vision Subsea performing oil pipe inspection with ROV

• Pipeline inspection
• Leak detection
• Clear bottom surveys
• Zero vis infrastructure inspection
• Confined space zero vis inspection

Port and Harbor

• Infrastructure inspection
• Marine casualty investigation
• Recovery
• Data trending in zero vis environments

Vision Subsea performing marine infrastructure inspection with ROV

Industrial and Infrastructure

Vision Subsea performing industrial infrastructure inspection with ROV

• Intakes and outfalls
• Power plants
• Fish processing facilities
• Bridges
• Dams