Marine Project Consulting

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From training to piloting to project management, we use our 20 years of combined industry experience to provide our clients with the best possible support for their marine projects utilizing the latest in blue technology.


Vision Subsea conducting pool training

Operations training for pilots of client-owned ROVs
Develop method of procedures for operations of client-owned ROVs
Training courses for ARIS sonar operation

Client Representation

Oil and Gas
Scientific Research
Reporting and quality control documentation

Vision Subsea representing clients with ROV

Project Management/Consulting

Vision Subsea's quickly mobilized command center

Cradle to grave project management
Technical advising for blue product development
Research and development and product testing

ROV Contracting

Offshore ROV piloting for science and research cruises
Offshore personnel for telecommunications industry
Specializing in zero visibility project planning and execution

Vision Subsea command center at tank inspection